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Welcome to Lockers Ireland 01 6854189 – supplying lockers in Dublin and nationwide in Ireland. We have a wide range of school & gym lockers. All probe lockersgym lockers | changing room lockers

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              For details on Activcoat MRSA protective coatings on our entire probe locker range | medical cabinet lockers or workplace lockers click here

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At Lockers Ireland 01 6854189 – we are supplying lockers to schools, work place & gyms across Dublin and nationwide in Ireland.
We carry the largest range of school, workplace & gym lockers for sale in Ireland. Wide range of new lockers and used lockers for sale at the best locker prices

Laptop lockers / Safe charge Lockers

It is not just the cost of replacing a laptop, the loss of all of your data on the hard disk. At lockers Ireland we have the solution:  Are laptop lockers are purpose designed lockers that secure the computer and recharge the laptop battery at the same time. Ideal as school lockers and college lockers!  Further information on Laptop lockers and safe charge locker can be found here

For sale by Lockers Ireland this safe charge locker has two unique features & is made from high gauge steel giving extra strength and security.
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